Making an object dissapear

Hello guys,

I’m trying to dissapear an object in Blender but I don’t know how. I tried to put a keyframe location/locRot. Let’s say that I want to dissapear it on frame 3, if i delete it or something, then the object is deleted from anywehere else as well.

Can anyone help me please?

I’m really new to Blender so I’m sorry for my really noob question.

Probably the simplest method would be to simply animate the object’s transparency. No transparency in the first frame, complete transparency in the last frame (or the very next frame, if you wanted it to vanish, instead of fading out).

I’ve tried that but it’s not working. When I set the alpha value to 0, it affects the object at every frame.

I insert a keyframe - locrot at frame 1. then i change the alpha value and insert a locrot at frame 20. So it supposed to be changed at frame 20 and not everywhere. Am I doing something wrong? :o

locrot is short for Location & Rotation, which means that you are keying only these two properties. If you want to key the alpha-value, you should simply press I while hovering with the mouse cursor over the alpha-control.

You can see if a value is keyed by the color of the control (one color if it’s keyed at all, and another color if you are on a keyframe)

Just keyframe the renderability.

Yuuuy it’s working!

Thank you SO MUCH guys! :yes: