making an object follow path more than once

(Dittohead) #1

I’ve got a closed path and I need the object to go around the path at least twice, how do I get it to do this?

(theeth) #2

Make the curve IPO cyclic.


(Dittohead) #3


(excuse my ignorence.)

(theeth) #4

no need to excuse yourself.

A Curve IPO is located in the IPO window (obviously :stuck_out_tongue: ) under the icon that looks like the one of the Animation Buttons window.

If you added a Curve Path, there is a Curve IPO as default. If not, you must create one.

The value on the X axis is the frame of the animation, and the Y axis represents the position of the object on the path. It is a ratio from 0 to 1. 1 means the end of the path, 0 the start, .5 the middle, …

You can add points by holding Ctrl and left clicking.

The cyclic option is located in the header of the IPO window and looks like a Sinus wave.

I hope that was more clear.