Making an object return to its original position when the trigger is released?

I’m very new to the game engine and i’m trying to code a very simple game demo atm. I want the object to continuously rotate to the left (along the y axis) as long as the A key is pressed (until it reaches a constraint, let’s say 50°), and when the key is released, the object should slowly return to the original positon. How do I do that? :confused:

Create a rotational action.
Play the action with an action actuator in flipper mode

Other way would be to subtract when a is not pressed as long as the rotation is bigger than the original rotation:

if not a.positive and object.worldOrientation.to_euler()[1] > 0:
    object.worldOrientation.to_euler()[1] -= 5

I did not try this out but it should work,

thank you very much! basically, it works. but somehow the object always seems to rotate around the global y-axis and not the local one, which is a problem because when i rotate the character in-game, the rotation is all messed up. :confused:

Change worldOrientation to localOrientation.