Making an object show in each keyframe?

Hey, guys, back again!:evilgrin:

 There's a demo folder of features of blender on their homepage. One of them was a fly through rectangles, using something that I never found before. Each key in the keyframe had a ghost camera in the 3d window, so instead of editing the curves, you could just move the ghost object, and the curves would change to that. How do I make that ghost object appear?

where did you get that folder?

Press K in the 3d window and select the yellow lines on the keys in the ipo window

They’re called regression files and they come out with each release. Scroll down on the downloads page of and you’ll find one for 2.48.

Yep, K does the trick. Thank you.

You can also switch to the different key frames in the 3DWindow using [Page Up] / [Page Down].