Making angles in vanilla blender

How can I create a simple angle from two edges with a specified degree angle in vanilla?

Not sure what you mean, try Overlays → Face Angle.

Is this what you want?

If so…Add a single Vertex ( might need to activate extra object add-on included)
it will automatically change to edit mode…make sure to set the transform pivot to 3d cursor…

extrude the vertex x> 5 ( extrude x axis length of whatever you want)
Select the line formed…
Rotate z>35 ( rotate the line in the z-axis, 35 degrees…)

Select original vertex and extrude another edge x>5 ( first extrude again…)
it will create a parallelogram… but you can just delete the extra lines to get back to 2 lines

You should end up with what is shown in the pix…2 lines 35 degrees apart

If you need to set the cursor to a vertex, select the vertex, and hit shift>S and snap the cursor to the selected…

You might have to do a little math to get the correct angle between a set of lines…so you might need to review how to calculate angles, especially if you are going to continue the lines and form an object…

Basically looking to make angles from the previous line to make walls. Is there another way to continue the line without creating an object so it doesn’t move the previous line when rotating it?

If i get what you want, just select the vertex in that order 1-2, then press “period” and choose active element as the transform pivot point.

You can then rotate and enter a defined angle.

The transform origin is situated at the top of the screen if you’d like to know.


I knew it was something simple. Thanks!

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