Making animated water *with stuff in it*


I cannot seem to figure out what approach would be best for water given that stuff will be in it.

I was thinking about using env maps but then one couldn’t see what was underneath the water.

And with particles, they would have to be so numerous to look realistic it would be impractable.

With regular meshes and the “stucci” texture, as mentioned in the knowledgebase, one also would not be able to see anything underwater.

With these three methods ruled out, I am at a loss as to how I would go about doing this. Did I incorrectly rule out something, or is there something I have overlooked? If someone has the time, can they please just point me in the right direction?

Thank you,

Using Stephano’s water tute found here:

I got this:

Looks pretty good to me. Is that what you want?

Eh? What gave you that idea? Just turn the alpha of the material down if you want transparency…

Awsome! Thank you very much.

you could try the refraction texture plugin

in other software there is a link to a caustics generator. If you want to get really realistic, make an animated caustics tex with that, and project it with a spotlamp.

Or fake it with an animated marble texture :slight_smile:

That is true, and Blender does some wicked animated procedural textures, but it doesn’t have that particular water algorythym. I wish it did though. :smiley:
<edit> btw, that caustics generator puts out a series of bmp files as output,…a good way to make them into an avi is to call them up in blenders sequence editor, (shift A in the sequence editor, choose ‘images’ browse for the folder, A to select all, load, set to frame 1 of the first track, in render buttons, select output format as avi, click the ‘do sequence’ button, and then ‘animate’.

iirc blender doesn’t support bmp images
(and also iirc if it could, or for a format it could, you can load them all at once into a texture and play that as an animation)

convert to png or tga first, then you can make an avi using the sequence editor

what is iirc blender? ( mine seems to handle bmp’s ok ) also, I tried loading a numbered sequence as a texture, and it wouldn’t load until I converted it to avi. I thought it was supposed to though.

“iirc” = “if I recall correctly”

Blender handles .bmp iirc. :stuck_out_tongue: