making animations for unity mecanim

i want to know how to make animations for mecanim (unity) i tried by simply making the character walk animation and then moving the model like the actual position of the step … ok i try :slight_smile: but it didn’t work out it just kept returning to its original position in the unity mecanim try i can provide a video if you don’t understand so please if any one know how to fix it please help me

Build your animation, and choose one object to be the “Root.” This is the object whose transformations will be applied to the character in Unity. I usually use the armature for this, so that means I move the armature object along an axis during the walk animation.

When you import into Unity, go to your Rig tab. For Root Node, select whichever object you chose to be your “Root.” (In my example, this would be the armature.) Note that you can only be do this for a Generic or Humanoid rig whose Avatar Definition is set to “Create From This Model.”

Now go to the Animations tab. Select your walk animation from the list, or add it if it isn’t there and then select it. Mark “Loop Time,” and “Loop Pose” to be true. This ensures that your animation loops properly. At this point, your animation should play properly, and not return to its original position if you play it in the preview window in the inspector.

Create a prefab character from your imported model. Add an Animator component if there isn’t one already. Set “Apply Root Motion” to be true on the Animator component. Set up your Animator Controller and scripts and whatever else you need on the character, and it should work. When “Apply Root Motion” is checked, any transformers done by the Root Node object will be applied to the prefab as a whole, which will cause it to continue moving instead of return to its original position.

Hope that makes sense.