Making armageddon

I have searched high and low for tutorials on how to simulate a meteor striking earth. I have found some examples of these particle effects. However none look like a meteor striking earth.

If someone could please help me:

  1. etiher modify the ones on that site
  2. point me in the direction of a good tutorial
  3. or just tell me how to do it

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, i also want it to be an animation if that makes a difference

I would like some help. PLEASSE, it can just be help on making a good fireball with smoke etc.

There wouldn’t be any smoke in space.

Dude, on the page you linked there is an effect with the description: “This explosion file was brought to you by SKPjason. This explosion could be used for a meteor hitting a planet.” I think it looks pretty good, too. You could tinker with it.

I tried to, but for some reason i can’t change the color of the particles at all, or change the position of the explosion. It’s freaking me out.

There wouldn’t be any smoke in space.[/quote]

Thats true, but the breaking up of the comet/asteroid in the atmosphere will look like smoke. Just look at the scenes from deep impact, which is supposed to be accurate in that scene.

@ndy made an animation called “Mindfields.”

I believe it has the effect you are looking for. Check it out at