Making Armour For My Character

Hello blender artists!! How would i go about modeling armor for my little guy!? (already started on weapons)
Talon.blend (884 KB)

Helmet, Brest plate, shoulder pads? Sketch out the design and start modeling.

You may be thinking in terms of an additional something you will put over the figure but more commonly one just reworks the area of the body mesh that will be covered by the armor or clothing; that way there’s no risk of the body poking through the armor.

On looking at your mesh though I don’t know what you should do. There are quite some problems with the topology but on the other hand throwing 3 levels of subsurf at it certainly fixes them.

I guess it all depends on what you plan to use it for. If you’re not trying to sell it and it’s just for fun you should probably just try painting it on.