Making basket Wire Help!!!!

Hey i was just wondering if any of you kjnow how to make wire for a basket? or a tutorial that shows you how to do it???

Thanks people


I don’t know what type of basket, but try this:

Make a UV sphere, delete the top half or so.

Go to top view, re-size the circle in only one plane, making it thinner(into an oval).

Select top ring of oval, extrude to bring up the wall of the basket.

That should give you a basket shape with a rounded bottom… Then you can add a handle using whatever method you want.

Or you could draw a profile of the basket, spin out a 360 model, and then re-size it against one axis to make it skinny like a basket.

what type of basket where you thinking about making?

If you want a woven type thing, you could either model the weaves in blender using whatever weaving method you want, or you could apply a texture for alpha and bump/disp, making parts of the basket transparent and applying the right bump to the basket to make it seem like weaving.

After reading your post I played around with a simple weaving pattern
and came up with this:

Is this what you mean? This uses a lot of polys of course so unless it needs to be close up then the textured model meathod is best as per MacGyver above.

You might want to try the taper twist script on it too.

rwv01: wow that is great how did you make that??? that looks awesome. got the thing that i wanted n e way

seems as though i was making it way to complicated still i would like to know how you made that

modron: what does the taper twister script do???

thanks all


It’s not hard. I’ll make up a little tute and post the link here.

I’ll try using the taper twister script on it too.

How did you end up making for yours?