Making body morphs for clothing item?

I am trying to make body morphs for the Lost Realms mertail for SP3, and I saw a guide that was written in French that I believe showed the usage of magnets or something of the sort to manipulate the clothing mesh to match the morphed body. My question is does anyone know of a similar tutorial written in English which I could use to make body morphs for clothing in Blender?


That sounds like a tool from Poser or a Daz plugin. You might want to do a search for their forums.

No I recognized the interface in the pictures as Blender, I would use Wardrobe Wizard2 but it doesn’t work well for mertails, which is why I need to use Blender3D to make the clothing morphs. Does anyone know of such a tutorial written for Blender to manipulate a clothing’s obj mesh to match a morphed figure’s mesh?