making bricks-> individual meshes or bumpmapped textures?

what do you guys think would be the best way to model just plain bricks of a housewith each brick having a 1 cm layer of cement/mortar between them?

individual modeling ( because im goin for realism. and they need to stand out

or bumpmapping a texture

any other methods besides the above that you can think of will be great. :slight_smile:

you can do a bumpmap as long as you’re not getting really close to the bricks with the camera.

hey thanks vlad, but that means I will have to have some camera restrictions…not exactly what I wanted. but nonetheless Im sure I cannot model 10000 bricks with a 2.4 Ghz processor

can I ?

thre are plugins for bricks that already exist

and i don’t think the 10,000 bricks is that much a problem it should go well

you can have up to 500,000 verticies without loosing too much render time
unless you are using Subsurf with high level for rendering


use a b/w texture of bricks and use it as displacement, then you’ll actually be able to see all the bumps and such rather than just shadows

hmmm, so I have two options.

I could create a 4x4 mesh with real brick shapes then just duplicate

or bumpmap a brick texture

still no verdict on which would be the best?

the plugin will equires minimum of rendet time

but it depends of your ultimate goal

do you need 3D surfaces with shadows ect then this will requires 3D modelling of the bricks if not then go with the mapping it’s faster and simpler also
yo can scale the brick size with the T key if i remember well


thanks ricky, but I think I will be going for realism so I as you said, shadows can be acheived with the real mesh.

verdict complete

I’d use a normal map. Unless you are looking closely from one end of the brick wall you can’t tell it’s a flat surface.

I haven’t experimented much with displacement maps though…