Making buildings you can walk into

I’m currently making buildings in Blender, and moving them to UE4. Problem is, I can’t find a good way of doing this.

The player needs to be able to walk into the structures, so they have an inside.

I can make objects of the right shape, but just the outside. If I try and make them with an inside, it usually involves the solidify operator, and I end up with interior shading that doesn’t work. Despite unwrapping the object correctly.

If I make the building with ‘bricks or subcomponents’, then I can’t have nice beveled edges everywhere, and things don’t look so good.

If I make the outside and the inside separately, then I have the problem of sewing them together.

So my question is, is there a ‘standard’ way of doing this, making buildings with insides?

Many thanks.

I thought there was a setting for 2 side, will look more. Google search found this good tip.

Sorry, guess I need to learn how to add a link icon, but copy this and it was a neat tip

happy blending…

oops, checked… Double sided is always there…
To turn on you enable Backface Culling in your material’s. Go to triangle icon Materials icon.

Hope this helps, let me know

Thanks for your answer, but back face culling just makes the inside of the object invisible when you’re inside :slight_smile: ( I think ).

The simple solution is to model the walls how they are constructed and give them thickness.

I am not sure why it does not work for you.
If you use the solidify modifier, apply it (you will not be able to export it as a modifier anyway) then you can UV unwrap and texture the inside and outside independently.

If you want the same bricks/stones/slabs pattern to reflect on the inside and outside. the easiest way to do it is to go to the front view select all and unwrap “project from view”.

Then select only the side walls (inside and out, front and back) go to the side view and unwrap again “project from view”

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I can manage a block shaped building, of course :wink: I’m thinking more of ( simple example ) something like:

You can see how solidify screws up in the internal geo:

I guess I need some way of shrinking some parts and moving other parts. For doors and windows, of course, I want to just move the inner wall inwards. For the roof, I would like to shink, but without the ‘scrunch’ :smiley:

It turns out the solution ( for me ) was along these lines:

Make the general shape of the building, as if you’re never going in it ( bevels etc ).

Make a copy of the object and scale it to about .95 or less.

Put the copy inside the main mesh and flip the normals.

Then, use knife project to make cuts for doors and windows, and manual sew the inner mesh and outer mesh together.

I ended up with clean bevels and normals on the inside:

Ok, sorry I thought you problem was more to do with texturing not geo.

Have you tried to set the solidify modifier mode to complex?
It will work in this case and give you better geometry, I do not know if it works for all use cases I suspect there is a limit.

Hey! - this works as long as do all the bevels later. Which is a bit of a pain, but then so is the other method I had…