Making buttons

I would like to make a simple button in blender that will perform a simple action when I click it with a reticle. Say when I click my button it will rotate a cube that is floating in the air. In the screenshot is a picture of my first level where I have basic movement with WASD and mouse look. I don’t have a reticle just a little green cube to illustrate my idea.

just do this

for the button make a object like plane with a texture then have a two sensors on it one mouse over and one LMB (“left mouse button”) attached to a message actuator sending a message to the cube witch then has motion actuator with a z rotation or what ever rotation you want. Its pretty simple once you get the hang of it i was in your spot only a year ago. also off topic i see you listen to c418 do you play minecraft?

Use the mouse over function in the mouse sensor, along with a left button, contected to an “and” controller.

Ok, I’ll have to try that…

YES! I love Minecraft :slight_smile:

aw yes Kylona explained it better, sry haha i have a hard time explaining things.
and cool mine craft is awsome! ive bin watching the live streams of minecon.

Me too! Right now I am watching Jeb explain how structures are generated in the world on the developer panel.

ya that was very interesting, i wish they spent longer talking about that, what did you think of the scrolls game?

From what I have gathered about Scrolls it sounds like a game that I will enjoy because of its interesting mechanics. I caught some of the demo on the live stream but I think I will go back and watch it again on YouTube.