Making CGI blend with photo background? Critique please.

Can anyone tell me how to better blend these bullets in with the background image? Also, any other flaws you see would be nice to know about. Thank you.

(unfortunately the file is larger then 2 MB so it won’t let me attach it traditionally. I’m putting a link to my google drive instead, the file is compressed as far as it will go)

The background has a strong orange/red light, which you haven’t recreated for the rendered elements.
The background has a light source to the right (illuminating the right side of the corks), which the render doesn’t have.
The hard part will be matching grain. There’s a lot of grain in the background image, which you will have to match on the rendered elements to properly seat them.

Thanks. I thought it was the lighting and compositing that that was making it stick out. Thank you for confirming it. I’ll make sure to adjust in the future.