Making chain act like chain

Hi Folks:

I just finished a small project where I constructed a chain with a medallion to go around a characters neck – the chain had large size links. As I was thinking about it, I wondered if there was a way to make the chain act similar to a fabric, in that it could be dropped onto the character, who would obviously be a collision object, and have it drape itself according to gravity instead of having to try to twist and place each link. can anyone provide a tutorial or reference?


@Taholmes160 Similar to how Andrew Price (Blender Guru) does in his “Fun with rigid bodies” simulation. You essentially once getting the chain modeled and put into posiion then you will run the simulation till you find the position you like it resting at and you can then apply it if you won’t be animating the character moving if so then leave it not applied and you should be set.

Excellent – Thank you

No problem, hope it helps steer you in the right direction.