Making Chain

So I’m having trouble making a chain link in the game engine. I don’t have any collision bounds set and trying to use rigid body as I need them to look like chains.

I keep failing, any ideas?

Using Blender 2.66

Static “Chain pin” on one side,

Add in your first link, USE a Rigid body joint 6dof Constraint,
pin it to the chain start, copy it and pin it to the first link, copy that in pin it to the next,


BatteryX.blend (660 KB)

So I tried it myself, but for some reason the chain is suspended into the air.
Here is my file maybe you can see what’s wrong
BuildingSmash.blend (2.06 MB)

Here it is…


BuildingSmash.blend (2.06 MB)

That’s easy. You have the angles of the constraints limited to 0 degrees on all axes. In the contraints tab uncheck the Angle y and z limits and set the Angle x max to sthg like 50. On the most right uncheck all xyz Angle limits.

After that it works but doesn’t look great because the pivots of the constraints are in the middle of the single chain parts. check the display pivot checkbox and alter the x values so the pivot sits closer to the next chain part.

Here you go again :slight_smile:

there was more than that,

needed more substeps, and different bounds, and a lower frame rate…

so it did not “ghost through”


BuildingSmashBetterBeta.blend (2.11 MB)

Camera improves frame due to rasterizer

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: I hope to learn from this whole experience with what I was doing wrong.