Making character physics stand on moving platform

Hi, When i set my character collision box as a Physics Type: Character it ends up falling down from the moving platform which is set as a Static Physics Object.

Is there any way that i can make the character collision box stand on the moving platform without making it falling down?


Make the physics type Dynamic. Character never works properly for me. And make sure the platform’s collision bounds are set to box.

ezio160324 : Thanks for your post , I already tried using dynamic physics type and it partially works unfortunately :confused: also character Physics in the current versions of blender is a better option since it improves the performance of the game.


No prob! Character is glitchy for me. Well, is the platform set to box bounds?

ezio160324: Yeah ,I’ve changed it and set the platform to box bounds but i still get the same results unfortunately.

Hmm. Maybe Monster will come through and help. He’s more experienced than me. Good luck!

ezio160324 : ​I hope so and Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

:smiley: No prob.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem ?

if Ray(platform)-z-----------python


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ok got it


if Ray-z(platform)------------and---------------(motion player)
Force trigger in platform------/__--------------(motion platform)

WASD move platform and player

left + right arrow move player independent of platform

in other words, any transform you are applying to the platform needs a equal transform of the player.


TestBPR.blend (448 KB)

BluePrintRandom : Thanks is works fine now :slight_smile:

What Blueprintrandom said :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, just as long as you detect when your on the platform

BluePrintRandom: yeah i just checked and it works perfectly thanks again :slight_smile:

dancreator: but you said it a bit too late :wink: