Making Cloth for a Hairy Monkey

I’m working on some clothing for a monkey that I made. Currently I was working on the tie and ran into a problem that I knew I would run into. As you can see from the picture, I made his fur so thick that it practically completely covers his tie. I get the feeling I have to use some sort of deflection to get his fur to shape around the tie. I’m not very experienced with that. Just wondering what the process might be if it is possible.


Select the tie and then go to the Object panel (push F7) and then the Physics options panel. Find the box that has the Fields and the Collision tabs and select the Collision one. Then click the Collision button in that box. Make sure permeability is set to 0.

If you get some rogue hairs poking through, you might extrude your tie (if it is just a single face thick) and give it a little volume. That way, if hairs poke into it, they will hopefully not go all the way through.

Well, I solved the problem with the tie by simply translating forward from the body so it looks more to be resting on top of his thick fur. I just added a hat on him and the fur on his head is going through the hat. The Permeability is set to 0 on the hat.


Ok, I figured it out, the collision fields don’t apply unless both objects are on the same layer.