Making clothes

I have imported an MHX file from Makehuman. Clothes provided by Makehuman are quite awful so I exported a naked model.

Now I should model the clothes on it. I tried to use cloth simulation but basic t-shirt and jeans don’t need it. So it’s better to model them directly on the mesh. I can model a shirt and jeans but when I try to pose the girl the clothes don’t move.

So how can I connect the clothes to the armature?

One suggestion If you do not need a naked model replace the mesh below with clothes. getting tight fitting clothes to follow a mesh below can be very difficult. Duplicating a mesh that has a armature deform then modeling clothes out of the new mesh will help the weights on the clothes be the same.
Seeing the mesh model and knowing what type of clothes it will have will help people give advice. Is it for animation?