Making Clothing In Blender? Is it Possible?

Hey everyone Is it possible to make a White Robe in blender like

Im finding it really hard to do hehe…anyone use different program to making clothing? or what? this is really hard. I dont got any money to buy any of the expensive programs or even buy anymore programs, spent all my money on poser 5,vue4,and mover5 hehe and so if there are free programs that do clothing Id appreciate it if you all could let me know. Or if you can do it in blender Id appreciate if someone could walk me thru it. Thanks :slight_smile:

it is really hard

It’s hard but not impossible…

here’s a few tricks you can play with:

  1. Use “soft-selection” and remember to select the
    affected area with your “scrollwheel” button.

  2. Drag “one” vertice in the end of a vertice row…
    keep pulling upwards.

  3. For a “row” effect…select several vertices, decrease
    the “soft-selection” affected area…and drag…

  4. Use “rotate” with soft-selection…it’s a “hoot”.

Keep practising with this, and you’ll get the hang of it.

Hope it helped.

I’ve always had a hard time with clothing, but a friend of mine (to whom I taught Blender!) can do it much better than me, because he draws clothing well, and has a good idea how it behaves. Of course, I pretty much do the soft selection stuff like Joongle was describing.


You can also:

  1. Make a cylinder (or copy an area of the body-mesh as an individual object)

  2. make a couple of loops/extrusions on that cylinder if you use a cylinder.

  3. go to the top view…

  4. Select only each Second or Third vertice.

  5. Use S for scale (perhaps also x,y,z for adjustments) and scale so
    you get a “wavy” cylindre. (activate subsurf so you can watch the effects).

  6. Now you have a wavy-robe…select either upper or lower on your
    new wavy-mesh (Paint-vertices b+b mode) and press W + Smooth.

  7. You may have to press w + smooth a lot of times until you get the
    desired result, that way…your waves will smoothen out until they’re
    are finely tuned cloth.

  8. Pick various vertices in "Soft-selection mode (the O button) and
    select either the Sharp or Smooth curve falloff down in the icon-bar.

  9. “S” Scale the “single” vertice and watch the others affected, now it’s
    easy to sculpt the already waved cloth into desired shapes, also
    remember to select the area of soft-selection affected with the scroll-wheel.

Hope you can use that (and others),

Take care,

Using Fractal Subdivide does wonders as well. :wink:


Fabric is very intresting to model. Inspired by the picture I tested how to make a part of the robe. I started modelinga tube -mesh. Like in real-life for the folds in your picture you’d need a many meters of fabric. So I extruded the fabric atleast 15 times. Then I pulled up the vertexes carefully from the other side where you can see it’s pinned up. At this point I modeled the folds on the other side looking from upview. Nice U-folds I made by selecting horizontal vertices from only one side and scaling them and moving them upwards. I found very ALT-B very helpful in selecting the correct vertices. And I was amazed to notice that you don’t actually have to move one vertice at the time. Better results came when I moved a group of vertices. Below is what I did in about one hour.

and the wireframe to see how I pinned the “fabric” up from one side:

I don’t know if this helps at all… I hope :slight_smile: