making columny things

hi, can someone tell me how to make columns with ridges on them, like this:

I’m not sure… but i think it has to do with bump mapping… but how would you use bump mapping for it?

The simplest way to create a fluted column is to start with a circle, or other planar figure, and maneuver it into the desired shape. Then, extrude it vertically to create your column.

You can extrude several times, then Scale selected “rows” so that the column flares out at the top or bottom.

okay… thank you…

now… how would you make those leafy things on top of the column? >_<

Do those as a separate object entirely. Parent it to the column so they move as one. Or if you prefer, join the meshes.

Completely different modeling techniques might be called for. For example, you might model one segment, then “spinDup” it around in a circle. But you build it entirely separate from the main column.

Ummm… after saving your work, of course! :smiley:



you spared me the time to answer :wink:


I was actually searching my docs for your PDF column tut but then realized It was the doc for your knife tool I’d been thinking of.