Making cylinder with spherical ends grow along curve (into a sausage)

Hi All!

I’m trying to animate a ball that starts growing into a long sausage-shaped thing. I’ve learned to make cylinders grow using array and curve modifiers but I can’t figure out how to do with round edges.

Please see file for my attempts and a model of what I’d like the sphere to look like when animation is complete.




grow animation.blend (867 KB)

In the array modifier you can name an end cap object to start and end the array with - you could use a sphere half there on each end, and start it close together so it starts like a sphere and then extends the cylinder array.

Use cap objects for the array modifier :slight_smile: If you want it to start out as just a ball though, you might need to do something extra with the ‘sausage’ geometry. Perhaps, animate it with hooks so that it starts out completely squished into a circle but then grows to it’s segment width.


grow animation.blend (941 KB)

Ha, Stan has it there!

Oh, looks like I was slower to reply though :slight_smile:

Thank you so much guys!

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