Making dancing lines .

Hi wanto make some "dancing lines like in the example below , i wanted to start with a bezier curve but unfortunately curves dont support arrays, as i though it be the best option to to this task.

So i converted it to a mesh , then added an array and use an empty as the onject empty, the problem is when i move the empty my lines instead of just moving like an array they also get smaller as they go far away.

So, how do i do to make them not to get small and, what do you think is the best way to get this danding lines in blender ? i want to animate them.

Can’t you just set the curve point types to vector?
Edit Curve - CTRL-A - V.

Add a hook to the two points, then animate the hooks? Have alternate copies on a parent delay with their opacity turned down slightly for each copy?

i’ll try that :wink:


i tried but i got some problems , i tried duplicating the whole thing , the curve with its hooks , then i parented the second whole thing ( second curve with its hooks ) and clicked the addpare button and the timeoffset to 1 , but when i move the first curve the other one just stays in the same place , could you please post a blend file or a screenshot please ? thanx !

anyone …?

You are looking for a hyperbolic paraboloid (german: Hyperbolisches Paraboloid) just look up in the wiki or some math pages/books.
Either implement it with a small python script, or due to the fact it is just a Bezier Plane try Bezier curves and the modifier stack…
Then a material that displays only wireframe and you are done.

THANX , but the modifier stack with curves dont support arrays.

Add>Surface>NURBS Surface
shape it, convert to mesh
Add Lattice mod to NURBS Surface
Define Lattice as OBJ for lattice mod.
pull and push.
maybe a subsurf and wireframe material.

thanx man , now i want to know how to do it with curves , maybe it has some advantages or disadvantages , and one question , why i cant see the grid in perspective mode ( non osotgraphic ) in the 3d viewport ?

add>curve>bezier curve
add>curve>bezier curve
copy name of one of the curves to the the BevOB: box in the edit tab.
skew and distort as you wish
alt+c to convert to mesh apply wireframe material and you are done again :slight_smile:

Oh. and i see the wireframe in Ortho and perspective mode just fine.
(xp64/nvidia/official 2.47)