Making Donkey Kong

I want to make DK and I havent every made a smooth bodie like his. I want to know the best area to start and how to go about making him. I was also wondering if there were any tuts for making bodies that would help me. Thanks


I have never done a gorilla but try to make a human first and then change it so it looks more like a gorilla.

See that is the problem, I have never made a smooth thing (human or gorilla) and I want to know something that will help me make a smooth whatever. I am a intermedate at modeling but I want to learn how to make smooth stuf with out subsurf. If anyone has got some tuts on making smooth objects plz give em.


well… if you don’t want to subsurf, I guess you could just make a mesh with a whole bunch of vertexes :-p… subsurfing is most definately the way to go… just take a really rough mesh (like a really low poly kinda outline of what you want) then subsurf, make it a mesh then move stuff around some more and tadaaaaa u have a sweet looking DK… this works for almost anything you model too I think, unless it’s something simpler like a pencil and you don’t need to spend that much time on it… also, u might want to try using auto-smooth too (remember to hit “set smooth” after, and to calculate the normals outside or it kinda looks funky…) GL

I have tried using subsurf and it is hard. I can see how it can make it simpler but when I see the faces here on elysiun and on tuts on the web I dont see the faces made by subsurf. What is with that?


I think you’re looking for so-called organic modeling methods. The approach you take will depend heavily on whether you’re making a lowpoly game character, an animation, or a still render.

Try Modron’s modeling threads for starters.

The proportional editing tools, the Smooth button (in Edit/Mesh Tools panel), and autosmooth are indispensable for organic modeling.

I think you are wrong. I’m pretty sure any organic stuff you see here is made using the subsurf modifier. You’re not talking about subdivide, are you?

I also don’t understand what is hard about that. Simply turn it on and there you go.

Do the better face tutorial by Torq.

This is as easy as organic head modelling gets. It’s not complete but it has everything you need. Read the thread until you understand it. If you find it difficult then keep trying. Post WIPS, ask questions. Read every other thread you can find on head modelling (there’s a lot in the WIP forum currently). Heed the advice in those threads. Once you can make a simple human face that looks human, not alien or cartoon, you can make damned near anything you want using the same approach. If you can’t get it then you will have trouble making Donkey Kong too, I suspect.

When you do get to doing DK, you will find it easier if you have a front and side view - even if you have to draw it yourself.

And yes, you will need subsurf for a smooth, organic shape. That said, Donkey Kong N64 and earlier wasn’t very smooth so maybe you’ll get by with just SetSmooth?

Thanks guys, I want DK to be a medium to high-poly model. I want to do him to later animate him and to learn about Blenders particle system.


I use to box model my charecters, use subsurf 1, convert to subsurf and fix some details, then done.