Making Drawing Files/Technical Drawings Out of 3d Models/Blend Files

Is there anyway to export a blend file into AutoCAD as a drawing file for making elevations and floor plans? I have been doing 3d interior concepts for a couple years now to actually do real projects. The only problem is that my portfolio is lacking technical drawings and I can’t draw floor plans well at all.

As far as I know you can export 3d, export lines made from 3d in Blender or there is also an addon to render freestyle to svg, but freestyle doesn’t draw lines nice and tidy. My favorite way is to manually duplicate lines and flatten them and then export as DXF. Maybe someone else knows a better way - I would also be interested in hearing about it.

Into AutoCAD? Not necessarily the best idea, as it doesn’t handle complex meshes as well as visualization software. Plus, what’s good for making rendered images is rarely suitable for creating technical drawings e.g. sharp edges and simplified solids are preferred for keeping file sizes down and generating clean edges on drawings.

The normal process would be to create the technical model first, reference it for creating the drawings, and then send the model for converting for rendering. Going in the opposite direction isn’t a good substitute for being able to create a good drawing.