Making environment maps affect the alpha layer

I’ve been struggling to fake a blended object reflected in terragen water. I’ve tried using a plane for the water level with an environment map. I made the environment map affect the alpha layer so that only reflection would be visible and not the rest of the plane but I always get very faint reflections - depending on settings, either the plane itself is visible (real ugly) or the reflections are too faint. I’m using the Csp, Cmir and Ref buttons but whatever I try doesn’t work. Any ideas ?

could you try setting the envmap to add, and add to the alpha and color, the default color and alpha to black and 0 respectively (and turn on ztransp, but you knew that)?

I am curious of if that is good enough, you may wish to tweak the sliders for more appealing results

I wonder if there is an easy way to go about the fresnel effect, maybe a normal-mapped fresnel blend in future versions of blender…?

hmm…hmm…you could always duplicate the object, flip it on its Z axis, and then put the duplicate below the original and turn its alpha down a bit…i do things like that alot with reflections on flat surfaces…kind of a cheap trick, and it takes awhile to render but it might solve your problem…

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z3r0 d : it should work but it doesn’t, the environment map stays just as faint as before… :-?

TUDBZD69 : it’s a cheap and simple trick indeed, but it works quite nicely, thank you !