Making eye sockets in a base mesh

I’m nearly done with my human form base mesh and can’t quite find a decent tutorial to cut out the eye sockets. I’d like them to be normal shaped human eyes but have problems figuring out which vertice to delete. I also think I have way to many edge loops but I can deal with that after wards.

I’m not going for super realistic just having difficulty doing eyes.


What are you using the base mesh for? Also, why delete any vertex?

Base mesh is for some characters I’m making for an animation I’m working on. I thought that I would need to delete a vertex in order to make the eye socket since the tutorials that I’ve seen where they use reference images that area is open to place the eyeball inside the head. Is there another way to do that without having to delete anything from the mesh?

I’ve also seen a tut somewhere where they had a base mesh then sculpted on top, used the sculpt as a UV then baked it to the base mesh but I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do or not because I’m terrible at sculpting.

I do it like this.

But when you add the nose and mouth, youll probably want to change the topology.
You may want more vertices for the shape of the nose, nostrals, mouth.

Thanks dirty-stick. I’m working on it but can’t get the eyes shaped properly at the moment. I haven’t given up just need to do something else for a bit and go back to it.

Anita, it’s much easier to model eye sockets if you have an eyeball sitting there to work around. Add a UV Sphere, then dirty-stick’s topology is a good way to go.

I tried several ways with it last night including starting with the eye then the topology after it. My main problem is I think my base mesh is wrong on the face which is making it difficult to get the eye to line up properly. I end up having to angle it and it looks weird. I’m going to have to manipulate the base mesh of the head where the eyes should go and see if I can’t get it to work properly then.

Only when I tried to start the eye socket did I realize that my base was off which is irritating but something I’m learning to control. I just need to find some patience somewhere.

You all have given me some valuable advice and I greatly appreciate it.

I think the base mesh is ok, but it will change when adding a face.
Its good to decide how many vertices you want for each part, eyes, nose, nostrals, mouth, ears.
I would collect some refence images.

I’m working on it now. I have the basic shape just need to tweak it more. If I could actually draw my characters out on paper that would probably help but I can’t draw people realistic or not at all.

Have you tried using dynotopo? Why draw in 2d when you can draw in 3d and have an instantly usable starting point for your topology?

Hey Zeekar. I’ve tried sculpting and I’m terrible at it. I do have a human head basemesh I made a few months ago I could try dynotopo with that and my graphics tablet. Haven’t really tried using that for sculpting before just for drawing in Illustrator.

I’ve given up on my character base mesh for right now until I can get my skills under my belt as far as faces go. What I tried was just terrible. At least I have my original mesh on a different layer so I can go back to it when I’m ready.

It’s not really neccessary to include the eye sockets in the base mesh. If your using sculptris or zbrush you can easily just use your brush to create an indention in the model then later when doing the retopology leave the indention out. Deleting the vertices before sculpting in my opinion would cause more problems.