making fan

how make propeller

how make right angle nurbs

and blender can 3dmax skill ‘boolean’?

modeling is hard… :-?

propeller: hmm… How about drawing a curve of the right shape, extrude and rotate necessary vertices.

don’t know about the rest and yes modeling is had but it gets easier with practice. :smiley:

I’m not sure if this is quite what you’re after, but if you like, I can show you how I made this fairly quickly:

The short version is: start with a tube, extrude each face, subdivide the extruded faces, enable subsurf, then selectively start scaling & rotating vertices.

If this is what you’re after, I can give a more detailed description.

Personally I make a wing like profile, extrude it as needed, scale and reshape to make a single nice blade (You need a model to copy, propeller blades have twists carefully engineered to maximize efficiency.

Then you duplicate the blades using the Spin Dup feature.

NURBS are tricky. Each NURB is defined by a knot vector and a point vector. To make right angles you must either work on the knot vector (which seems impossible in Blender, AFAIK) or place more tha one control point in the same place.

I mean,

you place a control point in the place you want the right angle with th N key and keying in the numbers.

You select the neighbouring control point on one side and move it on the first using the same procedure (and numbers)

You do the same with the neighbouring control point on the other side.

Now you have three coincident control points and a sharp corner.

To make it 90 degree play with the other neighbouring control points

Good luck