making fluid particles look fluid

this is more of a tip since i’m not going to explain everything fully.

you may have noticed the fluid particle system recently, however i didn’t fully understand why i would use them if when rendered it just looks like a bunch of small balls clinging to each other kinda like this.

however i found out about something called a meta ball, these balls sort of connect with eachother if brought close enough, i imediatly thought of using these in fluid particles, it took some testing but i did get it to work heres the same simulation while rendering it with meta balls.

see the difference, although i’m still testing this stuff out i thought i would let you guys know that it does work, also it allows you to do raytrace transperancy like this.
… sorry can’t seem to get the image to work. i’ll try getting the image up in a bit.

That’s a nice comparison, LightBulb! I love how the metaball’s tendency to attract edges interplays with the attraction in fluid particles.

It works and it looks disgusting… win win

I tried to make fluid with metaballs before we had fluid sim, could make tiny splashes but never thought of attaching a particle emitter to it.

Great information!

The Meta Ball render must have killed your processor, although i haven’t tried since upgrading my CPU from a celeron :expressionless:
How long did it take to render?

Good work :smiley:

Yes, a good mesher would be a life saver… :slight_smile:

actually it went pretty quick, something like 30 seconds per frame.