Making Fogged up glass

I want to make glass the looks fogged up and not completely clear. Anything will help

Well one way you can try is under RayMirror and RayTransparancy tab in materials you can lower gloss which might give you the effect you are looking for. Just adjust both Mirror and Transparency gloss sliders for desired effect.


Like the glass in this picture?

If you are interested, let me know - I will post a sub-set of the scene.

Im sorta. More like this:

Not the scene, but kinda like that glass. Like is see through but no like a clear glass.

why’s that dude on the ground like that? (what’s this a picture of?) :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not sure i found it on google.

It is Anthony Gormley’s art installation ‘Blind Light’.

To get an effect like this one, you will have to do a few things:

  1. Enable translucency: Tralu slider on the Shaders tab. This allows faces to receive lighting and shadow from the rear.
  2. You’ll have to use raytraced transparency. Set IOR to 1.0, because you don’t want it refracting like a lens. The reason you’ll have to use RT trans instead of Z-based trans is that you’ll also need to enable “glossy” refractions by reducing the Gloss parameter below 1.0. This will provide the hazing effect you are looking for. Obviously, you’ll need to reduce the Alpha as well.

Here’s an image of a “screen” doing just that, with a textured cube behind it, back lit. Also, the .blend file for it.


gloss.blend (204 KB)