Making FPS game Need artists etc to help make

I’ve been playing with blender for a while now. So far I’ve been making still images. One of my images I was making gave me an idea for a game. Doing this on my own however could take a long time, as theres lots to do, which is why I am asking for your help in creating the game. Read below if you’re interested.

The game Idea: You the player will play the character Ringo. Ringo is a terrorist clown :< who’s been caught and is now on the run. The player will have too run away and try to escape the country before your caught or killed. It will have a toon style but not toon shaded. Real and surreal graphics and Humours game play. There will be a variety of different game modes driving shooting flying etc. Good mix of different style levels from sewers to deserts (so it should be good practise.
More info received, via E-Mail, if you help. Want to keep it surprise :slight_smile: for the people who play the game.

Who I want: For the game I will need people intrested in
2d: Textures, menus, back drops, storyboard, concept art, HUD and icons.
3d: items, weapons, characters, levels and vehicles.
Animation: cut scenes and actions (running reloading ECT.).
Sound: speech, SFX and music.
Python script proggramer

How it will be made: all the concept art and storyboards will be done by me (could change). However there won’t be concept art for every angle for example the characters will only have the front of them drawn. The back of the characters will be left to the imagination of the 3d artists. These will then be sent out to relevant people who will make the models or animations. After each model or animation is completed it will be sent to me for my approval (edit: im easly pleased).

Ideas from other people are always welcome.

Anything wrong what to help? Leave comments at:
E-Mail [email protected] :slight_smile:
In this thread :smiley:
or a pm :Z

yeaaa… good luck with that %|. sounds like you want people to make your game for you.

A word of advice- unless you’re exceptionally talented and accomplished or are willing to pay people, you can’t take the high ground and try to be their boss.

not trying to be boss thats just bad choice of words. Its qaulity assaurenc dont want to have some enemeys 10/10 and then some that look like stick men the game would lose its “flow”. also makes shure every ones moddling in the same style. I will be doing work so far ive made a gun, level, car and items and lots of reaseach. :stuck_out_tongue: edit: started :slight_smile:

well i don’t want to be harsh but what u ask seems a bit unrealistic to me
u know, to be a gamedesigner you must be exceptionally talented and creative but also u must know all the technical stuff (concept, design, 3d, programming…) to direct your staff, u must prove that u can handle a project like this, that ur a serious person and that u know what ur talking of. You must show your skills and ur staff must respect u for that.
for the concept art, u MUST provide front/side/top blueprint AND sketches, illustration of the models (in color and perspective) or else it WILL be complete anarchy…
u must write all the gameplay elements and mechanism, and provide detailed instructions to all the staff…it’s A LOT of work and there are so many TOO AMBITIOUS project biting the dust.

what i recommand:
-start with a basic and fun gameplay, put a lot of effort in the design of
environnment/characters and do eye-candy artwork.
-make a prototype (1 or 2 levels) with some ppls

THEN ask for guys joining the staff.


it’s sad, i mean u read my post and takes all the negative way, u should learn the difference between reading/understanding…but maybe u have a deficient brain (u started with that) too.
i wasn’t blindly criticizes u know, actually it was to help.

  1. i know it’s a “hobbie thing” (who could make really pro-looking games with blender anyway) but it’s not a reason not to be (a bit) organised like “pros” it’ll work better this way.
  2. well there could be 2/3 games designers on a project, theses guys will have the power to takes decisions if things get stuck. Obviously others could gives ideas…
  3. have you ever modeled a character (made by someone else) in your life? to do so, u must have complete/detailed references…else it’s only an approximation not matching the design and this culd be bad. it’s not related to creativity.
  4. fine
  5. it’s for fun, but will the fun last that the project could be completed?
  6. wtf with that, obviously it is.
  7. good, but is the gameplay solid “on the paper”?
  8. yes if u design something only with a face view, it will surely be anarchy. No one serious (not professional) about design do that, the bare minimum is front/side and a 3/4 view to illustrate…else it’s the realm of approximation and fantasy, which could turn to something good or not.
  9. and what?
  10. dunno
  11. yeah but thats not the goal, don’t forged that your not alone, your involving others guys in it.

well i have some experience with teamwork and it is obvious that 1 person must (in last ressort) decide. by the way, a good thing to do is to divide the project in different sectors/domains and “hire” a guy which is responsible of that sector.


%| Sheeesh he’s just asking for help here.

Well, it’s a bit demanding to ask for help on such a project. Obviously you have a vision here and this project is by no means small. Lol, I always say if you can’t get any help it’s always better to just do it yourself. Of course Blender gurus will answer any questions you have that arise.

Hmm, maybe you can hang out at the game engine forum or #gameblender more and when people get to know you more and the kind of work that you can do, you can get more people to hop on board to your project. I’m guessing that’s how those bigger projects got people to work with them. Those guys seem to know each other pretty well. Lol, unfortunately we haven’t seen any huge team game projects finished to date. :-? Umm, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Just some friendly advice :smiley: .

Jason Lin

Its important to take steps. Small steps at first. Your ambition is great and it is very important to have that. In my years of gathering “teams” together and creating projects I have learned two very important things. Everyone needs a leader to be productive and uniform and that leader must prove him or herself first to the team. People who like working on projects for other people want a leader to tell them what to do. To accomplish proving yourself not only do you have to have the creativity and knowlege at hand at any time, but you must offer something more than “lets make a cool game!” (what you offer is up to you) . :smiley:

i agree with pyron and goldentaiji…show us what u can do and how is your project going and if it’s good and you are motivated then surely some folks will come to help you.

by the way, when you are asking for help, an humble attitude is welcome, being on “defense mode” and nearly insulting people isn’t the right way and is not constructive. Besides it (could) show thaht you are a bit immature and thats not the best thing to lead a team…if you are the leader of a project like this you WILL have ppls that criticizes the work done and your ideas, and you should (hopefully) learn of it.

i’m looking forward to see your work :slight_smile:

heres some links to some guns for game

why did i put i dont know moddling?

Some very nice modeling there. Lets see some more… :smiley:

It’s not like there are DROVES of blendergame users who would want to help you in creating a game about a “terrorist clown on the run”…

My .02


i could help make objects in the game. bout it though.

That made me laugh a solid minute!:slight_smile:

Is it just me or was this topic created WAY back in 2004? Please don’t post in such old topics :mad: . Thank you.

Now lets just leave this topic to the dead again…

um terrorist clown? Do u ever watch the news, have some consideration.