Making free Humans!

Hi everyone,
If you need a character for a game, I can make one for you. A realistic, porpotional human being. Male or Female. So, post a concept image of what you what him/her to look like and I’ll make him/her for you, for free.

Why? Because I need to get some more practice in with making human models, and While I get practice, why not make something that someone can use. The only think I request of you, is that you put my name in the credits, and allow me to put it in a portfolio, if I think its good enough (which I doubt any of them will be anyways)

Oh… here are some examples of human models I’ve made:

Note: I may or may not make the texture. HOWEVER: I will Unwrap them, and make them easy to texture!


I’ll draw some concept art right away. XD