Making Friends

A little 3 day project of mine, would love some critiques!

Thanks :wink:

Very cool ambiance. I love the background you designed!

The walk is not realistic but it goes well with your character and the ambiance.

Looking at the character, the thing that I thing could be improve is how he handle the ball. Your character doesn’t have finger and he is kind of slow, so the way I think he would take a ball would be with his two hands.

Very cool animation and in 1"30 min you were able to tell a story which is a big achievement!


Yeah I had a bit of difficulty with the ball, but I think I’ll be able to do a much better job of animating the picking up of objects next time. Like in one part of this the ball goes a bit through his hand :confused:
Anyway, thanks very much for your critique :slight_smile: