making galaxies/stars in Blender?

How would you do it? I need it for an animation I want to do where they will pop up around the scene.

wonders why he didn’t search first!> Thanks.

I just visited Lancer’s link. It is a dead end. The BLEND file contains nothing and the script crashes when you run it. It a shame it does not work.

Yeah. The tutorial seems ok. I am trying to make a ton of galaxies and you’ll be looking down at them. It looks like it should work. How do I get the stars to stay in place? Do I just use one frame?

The tutorial I linked to does not use a script or offer a blend file… it’s a basic process of taking a sphere, randomly deleting vertices, setting the vertices to look like stars and then duplicating and rotating / resizing the result a few times to create a random looking starfield as dense as you require.

I used it a while back when someone took real footage and wanted me as a 3D person to make a night sky for them (I didn’t really think it was 3D per say). They were going to use After Effects and change the scene from dayshoot into night and literal camera shoots did not produce stars they were happy with. I gave them the blender file so they could adjust to their own liking.

I did not use the nebula cloud part as I figured it was unrealistic to a general night sky scene… just the stars.


starfield01.blend (74.2 KB)