Making glass bottle with liquid inside

hi everyone, im new in blender, start learning blender a week ago from blender guru youtube

i was following tutorial to make donut and a cup of tea

but in the end, my cup render looks weird. so i decided to make new model with another glass botlle
but again, the render result looks same as before. it looks like the liquid inside bottle dont have “volume”. and the side of glass feels like have “creamy” texture inside it. heres how it looks like

how can i fix this? thx u

hello please share your file:

hi, heres the .blend file

scale down the liquid object a bit and it will work fine, probably a bug because liquid and glass were intersecting

wow thank u so much man
its work for me
try to scale 3 axis to 0.99 and its enough to make the weird look gone
hope ur days getting better man