making gus

I just installed Blender 2.3.7a. I am trying to make Gus.
So I delete the plane only it is actualy a cube!
move the camera, set view to frount, and subdivide the cube.

Then deselect all with AKEY, BKEY box the 3 left most vertices
XKEY>verticies. This only delets the 3 top vertices. I have to
BKEY box , XKEY>verticies 3 times to remove the left half of the cube. Extruding the arm extrudes a surface, not a volumn.

Are there subtle switches tha effect the BKEY select?

Very perplexing.

Thank you for considering my sad plight.

I think I know what you mean. If you have “solid” shape on, it will only select visible points by default. Switch between solid and wire frame with the ZKEY.

That was indeed the problem. Thanks for the help. Onward
to the extrusion of arms, and perhaps legs.