Making Hair Guides Out of a Mesh

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I wrote/assembled a script that will turn edge loop of a mesh into hair guides. My idea is to make it faster to get the general shape of a hair system down before having to go into manual styling. The script is pretty terribly written at this point and all of the settings are hard-coded into it but when I run it, it works well enough to get the point across.

If you want to play with this script, download the attached blend file and keep these things in mind:

  1. Use a rectangular mesh. The script will probably not handle anything more complicated.
  2. Define one of your border edges as a seam. This seam will be the root of all hairs created.
  3. after running the script, you MUST go into particle mode on the “head” object and touch all of the guide points. Otherwise you may not be able to change the settings of the particle system and the hairs will all reset to the default “straight-out” position when you least expect it. A good method is to use a very large, very weak comb brush and click to influence each guide point.
  4. The rectangular meshes must have the same number of extrusions. In other words, along the length of each “hair” in the mesh object, you must have the same number of vertices.

I think the functionality hinted at by this script would be very useful but this method of creating hair (via python) is pretty fragile and seems limited. And it seems to introduce some rendering artifacts to the head object. At this point, I just hope this’ll generate some discussion.

Here’s a brief video that says pretty much the same thing:


hairMaker.blend (619 KB)

Why no comments I wonder, seems super useful! Hope more devs jump in and help you brings this add on to top level! User defined guide for hairs is really welcome.

Keep the good job and congrats

looks really useful, maybe people don’t comment much on this 'cause it’s a thread in python support, should be in released scripts!

I wondered about which forum was most appropriate; at this point, it doesn’t feel like a script that’s ready to be released so I posted it in here. I guess I’ll share it in the released section next time I update the code. Thank you both for the tip and the feedback.

I think we could use this kind of technic.

Make normal hair, add children, convert them in poly and use your script to comb a new hair system with the poly curves.