Making hair with Blender + Unity instead of Houdini + Unity

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I saw this tutorial:é and the author used Houdini. I’m curious if I can do the same things in Blender? Instead of Houdini? I know how everything works in Unity but I don’t have Houdini and I use Blender

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yes its possibly maked hair in blender, the blender render has a hair function - you can always color the right place for the hair and then comb it, cut it and simulate the weight so that it is attracted to the ground, when the wig is ready, you can apply it on top of it through the tightness modifier to bake the hair into texture maps, just use search in youtube - “blender how make hairs?”

I know that I can make hair itself in blender but I need them in Unity and I can’t find good way to do this :frowning: I need them to be working with physic in Unity and maybe working with shader graph. I just started to learn about it and I search for more info about making hair using Blender & Unity

It’s not so clear what you want to replicate - at a glance that video seems to be more about point caches and procedural generation. Too long to actually dive in and dissect what’s being shown there in an unfamiliar application, sorry.

You can of course create hair cards (texture mapped geometry) in Blender very well and export that to Unity. If your physics setup depends on e.g. vertex colors for masking - these too can be generated and exported.

Check out the Hair Tool addon for all that.

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oy you need bake hair in textures to mesh - and make setuping simulation hair in unity engine, unity not support curve hair simulation - only mesh and textures

if you search how simulation hair in unity visit official forum unity - or search how simulation cloth in unity - because simulation hair and cloth equivalents, if i right memory this is possibly make use soft body in unity