Making imagemap alpha go through to underlying material

Hi, so in this recent image I made for the weekend challenge, I made a decal like logo to put on a flying RC plane. However, I couldn’t get it too look right because it shows just plain white material underneath the image. So my question is, what is the proper method for having an image as one material and then in the alpha of the image see through to another material? So that it looks like a shaped decal is placed on the object. Here is the image as an example of the problem:

Alpha is fussy - there are several ways to do it:
-tga’s with an alpha channel
-png with transparency
-an image with a b+w background set to calculate an alpha channel based on black.

Post a blend of that flying doughnut and someone will help.

Thanks. I’ve uploaded the relevant part here:

I remove the extra stuff not needed for this question to save space and rendering time. I’m wondering if maybe I need to use material nodes to do what I want.

are you using an image with an alpha channel? if so, load image in texture buttons, and click ‘use alpha’. that’s all you need to do.

yes, the image has alpha transparency. Maybe I’m not being clear. I want the alpha part of the image to be transparent and show the material underneath the material its in. So the material under the logo material. I guess I should just put the image in a texture in the material I want it to show through too, but I thought it would be easier to place the decal if I assigned the logo material to a specific part of the model.

I’d just use a png with a transparent background - a decal.

You need your FlyerLogo material to have textures similar to below.

Ok, I think I get it. I was kinda thinking that multiple materials get stacked and if you have alpha on one, the one underneath it would show, but that’s not right is it?

I’m a newbie to Blender. This thread caught my attention. I need a clarification.

So, we can apply only ONE material per face but that material might be composed of several textures. Is that accurate?

you wanted something like this?

i only changed your “underlogo” texture to a more colorful voronoi one
for your texture.001
i did activate:
color, alpha, stencil

you dont need alpha at this example … (so you can disable it) its stencil
to stack textures together - … use alpha for making an object transparent.


I have a similar issue and this post caught my eye. I need to wrap a label on a bottle and have the bottle material show through the transparent areas of the label. I unwrapped the bottle and have a UVTex set to showing RGB with Transparency. The result looks terrible (see attached). Any ideas?


could be you did not set MipMap for the image,
as you people always speak about “materials combined”
i can never know what you really did.
Normaly “combine multiple materials” is setting some faces
of an object to the first material and another selected faces
to second material and so on - where all faces are faces from the
same mesh.
And have an object with one material let look thru to another object
with another material – thats some kind of combine the view thru
those two materials, but it is the look thru 2 objects, where one may be
It is possible to combine textures (as images or generated) in one
material and then it is not the alpha-value, then it is the “Stencil”
to use some kind of masking to put one texture on top of another!