Making instances real problem


I’ve a problem that when I make instances real with ctrl+alt+A, some parts that where in one position, now moves and rotate and are in other position…

Please, Anyone know how Can I solve it?

Thanks a lot

Hi, maybe applying transformations before anything else could help.

Hello Zlanti,

What do you mean applying transformations?

Or you use the wrong shortcut. Shift-Ctrl-A or Object ‣ Apply ‣ Make Instances Real should work nice.

Transformations: Object - Apply - Location/Rotation/Scale/All.

Good afternoon Zlanti,

I tried to apply transformations as you said, but it doesn’t solve the problem. I have a file that has this problem, but this forum doesn’t let me upload… I’ll try

Thanks a lot

The transformations need to be applied BEFORE anything else. It’s not do fix the problem, it’s to avoid it.

Hello everyone,

I applied these transformation on base model (then before), but it doesn’t worked. I don’t understand such a bug like this…