Making into a Movie

Right, I have my half finished temple and my half way done cam move from frame 1 to 230.
So how do I make it into a movie. Like, turn it into a .avi or .mov file?

Go to the Render buttons (F10), select the file type as AVI raw or AVI JPEG (buttons just to the right of the Animate button; you need to have the avi jpeg codec installed to playback an AVIJPEG movie), then click Animate. The avi file will be created in the directory listed in the field on the upper left corner of the Render buttons window (typically /render).

Need the AVI JPEG codec? Get it here…

That’s it!

K. I must be a 'tard. I can’t find it. I put the files into the blender folder. Now what.

on the f10 menu is the big animate menu. Make sure the long grey bar has avi jpeg selected, if it doesn’t, select it. Then click the animate button and wait. You can check your progress on the secondary screen. When it’s done, you’ll have a movie in your blender directory.

ah… Thanks. But, it only makes 250 pictures. (because my animation lasts 250 frames.)

Where is this button to make it avi jpeg?

:EDIT: Found it! EOOHOO!! Thanks!