Making it run faster without new Video Card, & GameBlend

Ok, First, I need to know how to make blender run faster without getting a new video card. I looked for 2 hours for a new driver for my video card before and I couldn’t find any, so that’s out of the question. I have a Trident Cyberblade AGP(Or is it APG?) (77), and I am running on Windows ME.

Second, I have some Game Engine questions: 1: How do I make objects appear at random places, but within a range(Like, I want it to be on the screen, not a billion pixels away)?

2: Can I get a good tutorial on camera functions in the game engine?

3: Can I get a downloadable “UV-Mapping for the Game Engine” tutorial?

I’m kind of in a hurry typing this, so, please help me out here, and thank you.

try changing your color depth

geforce 2 MX cards sell for less than 50 bucks and can get you pretty far in blender.


no, not really

you essentially use the track to or camera actuator depending on your needs. If you need more, you code it [python, or borrow a script]

uvmapping for the game engine is exactly the same as uvmapping for anything else in blender

except one step fewer (don’t have to press texface for your materials, or give an image texture and press the uv button)

so, look for any uvmapping tut

I like the one in the blender 2.0 guide
one in docs is pretty good too

so is OTO’s

[whole tut]
[begin of uv mapping]