Making Landscape Textures

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Can anyone give me any tips on the best way to make a texture to apply to a landscape mesh? I would like to have a texture for example which was white for snow at high levels, green in the middle, and brown at low levels. As I see it there may be 2 ways of doing this.

  1. If the landscape were generated from a greyscale height map then perhaps a tool could be used which would convert this to a colour image of the type mentioned above. If it did not come from a height map, is it possible to generate one from the mesh? Probably not… Anyway, does anyone know of such a tool? If not i could write one quite easily.

2)A better solution might be to have a python script which would generate the texture for the mesh. This would have the advantage that the mesh could be changed and the script simply re-run to update the texture. However, I have no idea if this is possible through blender/python. Anyone know of such a script?

Are there easier ways of making the textures i haven’t thought of? I’ve found plenty of tutorials on making the landscape mesh, but they all just say ‘Apply a landscape texture’, without telling you how to make one!

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Well i’ve found some programs which generate textures from heightmaps, but nothing on doing it from within blender. So any thoughts on generating the heightmap from the mesh?

You can use blender world forge by Stefano:
terrain_t plugin:
or Terragen. you can search for it. Use Ter2blend to import into blender. Search for tuts by Ripsting and others I can’t remember right now.
You can also use a paint program to generate your own texture and UV map it onto your landscape.
Or see this:


you could use a blend texture as a stencil of a colourband, with the “XYZ” buttons set to"Z–"

To get a heightmap, put an Ortho camera above the scene, and render it with the ZBuf plugin