making leaf at 2.5

I allmost at the stupor for a second day, I cann’t repeat this lession
at 2.5
I tried I think all combinations of buttons, but cann’t make a leaf the wite border appears.
Anybody know how to solve this problem?


Try using texture with alpha background color similar to leaf color (your case brown) or using Premul function in Image Panel…

Premultiply does not seem to be getting assigned to the image texture immediately. Current workaround is to click the image reload button after setting premultiply.

So still cann’t make this simple thing at 2.5
Anybody may show me the main parameters to make it with transparent?
here the file - please make the leaf.


When you load the image, hit the ‘PreMul’ button beneath the box where it shows you image’s path.

As nobody show me how it ought to be done, I show my screenshot - so any suggest how to make it rite - Tell me please.


I’m not quite sure what your problem is. If you are trying to make the white area of your leaf transparent then I think you need to use a leaf image that has an alpha channel; that works OK in 2.5.

Your image is a jpg, a format which can’t carry an alpha channel. You need to use a format like png and make the background transparent. The leaf image on the wiki page you linked is a png with alpha so try using that.


Ok THanks a lot, I’ve got it with transparent buckground (I thought that Blender may count it by self)