Making light ping?

Want to add a light ping (sp?) like so. I’m new to blender, but want to make this look somewhat animated as the camera will be tracking across the logo. Me and my newbness can only think of doing this by cutting out a white solid, is there any other type of way that you could suggest? Thanks.


Try using a halo. A halo is a useful option for effects like this one.

I played around with halo but it’s just making things foggy, any specific settings I should use? Thank you.

if you want the object to glow, you can do it by adding a ‘glow’ effect in the sequencer-tab. remember to press the ‘Do sequencer’ button under the ‘anim’ button in the renders panel.

Well it’s not so much that I want it to glow as I want it to have a sharp reflection mark like the attachment.

Hi BladeBorge

Here’s one idea of doing it:
Add a text Object and enter your text.
Then add a plane. Go into edit mode and subdivide it once. Delete all the vertices except for the one in the middle. Then assign a material to it and set it to Halo and Star. Since the object is now only one vertex you can increase the Halo size to 7. Play around with the Add and Hard setting (mine’s set to 40 for both).

To go advanced:
Select the Text-Object and press Alt-C --> Convert to Curve.
Select the Plane object and go to the Object Panel (F7). Select Constraint --> Follow Path. Enter the name of the Text object into the ‘Target’ text-box.
Now the Plane-Halo should be animated to follow the path of the first letter of your text.

I hope this helps. I’ve attached a .blend so you can play around w/the settings.



Text and Halo.blend (133 KB)

Thanks MrSloane, that looks very promising, I will tweek the setting a little bit and see what I can do, thanks for the project file!