Making materials

Right Iv started making materials, first up a wooden texture on a plane and a frosted glass kind of texture on suzanne.

Ask me for a material and I will try to help, others can contribute as well, planning to make a new material libriary, so far have made 7 different. (from yesterday)

Im using suzanne and a plane on these as they together cover most of the different shapes from the other object i could use (spheres cones etc…)
…This is because there are hardly any downloadable textures online and I thought it would be useful.

Might notbe any good, but I will improve, comments and crits appreciated, and if this grows a stickie would be helpful as I find the search just gives me random stuff.

now looking at grass…if you can please can you contribute a blend. file of your own settings.

This isnt great grass but anyway…

wooden table, speed modeling, 10 minutes.

will start experimenting with different materials, and will give blend files if asked for…

and another;

coments/crits appreciated

here is an Ice/ snow shader i made. its not perfect but i like the results.

ill post a screendump of my settings if any one wants to see em.

NO AO, ray, shad and AA

with AO, ray, shad and AA

in a scene

some very nice materials you got there mandoragon, really like the frosted glass and wood :), could we have a material setting shot please.

p.s. any one notice how it takes much longer with node materials to render. still, there awesome so its worth it :smiley:

It would pay to upload images as part of the post rather than link to external providers, so that the images stay with the post. No point in being sticky if the images are all gone. There is an ability to upload jpegs as part of a post, and whilst I haven’t tried it myself, I assume it works ok.

I dont think we can upload blend files at all. what I will do though is using the new library script, sort out all the materials then archive all the folders and place on deviantart, will save space and time.

self made wood texture;

Daniel8488, could you upload the .blend for your snow shader? It looks awesome and I’d definitely appreciate checking it out. Thanks in advance.