Making mesh objects appear?

I am having a lot of trouble finding out how you can make a mesh appear when i push a button on the keyboard. I am trying to make a simple game for my nephew that drops letter blocks when he presses the corresponding key. I’m using 2.49 until some of the bugs get worked out of 2.5x.

create an empty, on that empty in the game logic make a keyboard sensor, an “and” controller and a “edit object>add object” actuator, in the “OB” field enter the object name of the block that you want added. i can go more in depth if you want, but thats how you do it in a nutshell

I have a question about this too. I followed your steps and created the “Empty” then added the sensor (keyboard “G” key), controller and actuator to the “empty”.

I then created a cube and entered it in the “Edit Object Actuator” (Where do you place the cube? does the cube go in the same layer? If so how do you hide it until you want it to show?). Now when I start the game I hit the G Key and nothing happens. Sensor Controller and Actuators are connected.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

You put the cube on layer 2. The problem with add object is that it will keep adding it until you set a property to limit it to 1.
You can toggle visibility on and off which works fine.

But if your goal is to keep adding cubes, then yes move to layer two, and on the empty add object.

Where do you place the cube? does the cube go in the same layer?

Heres your answer:

You put the cube on layer 2

Thanks for the responses. Totally worked.

Thanks fayt. :slight_smile: