Making Mesh Render faces as Quads not triangles in SCULPT MODE

Hi, when i render my mesh it renders the faces as Tris, is there a way to render them as quads ?


Thanx !

All those quads in real life are not planer. They are all bent. They are all tris.

Its true that if you just render sculpt object it renders with tris. But then why do you want to render working sculpt model with the camera? You can always take a screen shot right? If you really want to “render” then all you need to do is to smooth it.

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Alt+J = tri’s to quads
Ctrl +T = quads to tri’s
However i would just select you object and select “smooth” shading on the left side list…
press “t” if the panel isnt up… when you smooth shade it you will not see any of those little “cubes”
it will look like ice cream or smooth clay.

Are you using a subsurf modifier for sculpting?

holyenigma, I’m sure TweakingKnobs already knows about these basics :wink:

No, i want the low poly ,quad look.

Is this just not possible ?

Sago said :

Are you using a subsurf modifier for sculpting?

I used one, but i applied it .

i guess the only way wuould be to have every face splitted , is there a script for that ?

Set smooth shading and add an edge-split modifier with the Edge Angle set to 0 degrees
Images show default versus the modifier added


Oh yeah…

Thanx !!!

u rock !