Making Modifiers Visible/Invisble in BGE

So I’ve been tampering with clothing in my game, but I’ve always come across a problem. The layers of cloths would keep overlapping each other when it isn’t supposed to be.

I did come across a solution of utilizing the mask modifier, within the object modifiers. The problem regards on how to make the modifier visible/invisible in BGE. I’ve tried using actions with the visibilities but didn’t succeed.

How do I make modifiers visible/invisible in BGE?

Some modifiers won’t work in the BGE. I recommend you write a way of checking to make sure there is only one layer of clothes on the player.

“Write a way of checking to make sure there is only one layer of clothes on the player.”? So you’re asking me to write a script?

So how could I at least mask two layers, if possible?

duplicate agent mesh

remove chest faces that will be covered by clothing
join clothing to model.

to swap clothes, use replace mesh.

deforming faces no one will ever see would be a expensive waste of cpu time*

Deforming faces?

any vertex on a mesh using a armature modifier have a cost to animate per bone in the armature.

vertex * bones * materials I believe

faces that are on a armature deformed mesh that are hidden by another layer should be deleted.

have each outfit be a seperate mesh or upper body/ lower body / head and use weights and parenting to ensure there is no gaps at the seems.

Alright then, I see what you’re going for. I was just curious to know if there’s a method to making the skin that’s covered up by a shirt remains invisible while everything else(like the arms) doesn’t?